The six steps for the strategic consultation

  1. Analysis
  2. Consultancy
  3. Conception and Development
  4. Implementation
  5. Result checking
  6. Continuous looking after

are connected by us to an individual and holistic procedure. From the beginning to the end our consultants stand by our customers' side and accompany the great and small changes, if it is possible, at the face. First of all we define and synchronize the different corporate strategies. Afterwards detailed measures enforce the competitiveness and the fields of added value of our clients and establish them long-dated at the market.

To take the first step we analyse all data and facts about the status quo of our customers. We work typically in project teams, being composed of our own consultants and defined employees of our clients.

The consultation follows the analysis and the development of our point of view needed strategies in order to influence successfully the results gained by the analysis. In the phase of implementation we put together with the project teams of the clients the strategies and models into practise. We support the implementation by supervision, coaching, training, moderation and - should the situation arise -mediation. In this way we guarantee the best possible degree of the effectiveness of our work. We direct our attention not only to the executed degree of the agreed performance but also to the resulting consequences out of that.

Innovations are caused by changes. Therefore we do not have ranges of fixed instruments, but we develop together with our clients new ideas to optimize their business procedures. We focus on the individual situation and do not offer standardized solutions.

If short- term results are necessary, we accordingly establish our priorities over short-time optimizing of single business areas, without losing the long-term and future-orientated corporate strategy out of our fields of visions. Ideally we work at the same time top-down and bottom-up. With it we care for trouble-free communication and project work. Usually general management is our customer. In daily practise we cooperate with all levels of hierarchy within an enterprise.

It is our aim, to combine the terms of business management and social competences. We achieve synchronizing optimally the mutual causing factors productivity and humanity in the performance of change procedures. We do not create relations on dependency between us and our clients, but we implement together optimally conceived, living, learning and growing organisation structures.

It is our matter of concern to create the real net output in the form of permanent business values and competitive advantages.

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