Everybody comes to different decisions daily. Some of these decisions are going to have further reaching consequences than others. Sometimes it is alright and meaningful to rely not only on oneself.

Few projects fail because of the knowledge of the subject, but in fact, because the participants are in trouble to recognize clearly their own positions, demands and interests.

However, it is necessary to build up satisfying relations with other individuals and organisations and to convert the previous agreements in the professional as well as in the private area.

We offer professional, objective and independent performances in various contexts of work and life and professional fields of action. A profound, scientific working method, being composed of the requested theoretic knowledge and methodology and the relevant capacity to act is extremely important to us.

The particular way of communication, serving to cope with practical problems or concrete tasks stands in for consulting in terms of counselling.

Accordingly, counselling will be available at the moment, if the thing is that you have to deal with the actual post-modern ways of work or of life, being of topical interest, and to be arranged and used for oneself.

Counselling makes existing fields of possibilities reflexively accessible and supports herewith individual as well as corporate subjects.

In this way our clients are supported efficiently to cope with their tasks and challenges and to find solutions.

At Robert Sturm & Colleagues, knowledge of the subject or of the areas of trade and industry are combined and applied in an individual way or in a case of need with back-up pedagogical-psychological expertise and appropriate methods and concepts.

We find and apply the right approach to your requests, demands and needs - it is all the same- whether coaching, counselling, moderation, supervision or further estimates.

Because we know through decades of experience how to manage and to intensify success.

Our offers: (Consulting Competence according Robert Sturm)

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