The decision for CSR has got far reaching consequences. To that an exact planning is essentially from the first step. We assist our clients to find the right path, we accompany and back up them in word and deed. We offer competent, direct and individual support from the strategic planning up to concrete operative assistance.

Analysis: An exact nominal analysis of the enterprise precedes the essential engagement in the area of CSR. Only an economic business of standing can place itself without coming to any harm meaningfully and with a promising future.

Identification: The next step stands for finding starting points for an effective action corresponding to the Corporate Social Responsibility. Where and in what degree can this philosophy be transmitted into the enterprise? We identify the special measures by means of the effectuated impression outside.

Operative planning and implementation: An exact planning is necessary with the permutation of the prior fixed and coordinated steps with the enterprise, its actual position on the market and with the image strived for in future. We support our clients in the fields of strategic and operative planning, adequate internal and external communication, conversion on the spot and company of the proceeding.

Controlling: The end means firstly the beginning. Because after the implementation of the CSR is put into practise, the continuous controlling will come and - as the case may be - optimizing the prefaced measures. Our world changes - and with it the pretensions to responsible and entrepreneurial acting. We assist you as a companion and adviser with the right view for social and political alterations and the necessary adoptions resulting out of it.

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