What for does training serve?
Training serves the aimed-at building-up of competences and the internationalism of behaviour patterns. Repeated training is essential in this connection. Specially educated trainers are responsible for the finding of know-how. They instruct the exercises, give help und feedback and are engaged in the correction.

Training - usefulness
Knowledge and competences are current and updated with the help of training. One, who continues his education and exercises new skills by professional assistance, clears vacancies, acquires supplementary qualifications and engrosses his existing know-how.
This encourages professional success and personal satisfaction.

Our focal points
Measures of training are an additional service as "add-on" particularly for our customers. According to their needs we orientate our offers for advanced training, further education and continuation of their education.

We organize as requested trainings being practically and theoretically relevant . The spectrum ranges from commercial over personal skills up to the learning methods and training for executives. Our program offers all of the following: practical knowledge for members of the board, financial accounting for founders of a new business or for high potentials a special technique to read quickly.

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