The organisation development has its roots in the enterprises of the first decades of the 20th century. The background was striving for better human work conditions. Regarding to this fact various institutions of research underlined the meaning of self- and co-determination of their employees. They developed little by little methods and concepts for a mutual finding and solution of problems in the organisations, particularly group-dynamic learning processes and methods for the connection of data preparations and for dealings with problems.

Aktuell - of present interest

The organisation development is an instrument for the planned and targeted performance of organisations' change.

  • The organisation members themselves are always the responsible bodies of change. An expert of the media serves as a catalyser of change. All concerned persons see and find a solution for their problems through his assistance and group-dynamic proceedings.
  • The meaning "organisation development" stands for the interior strategic orientation of an organisation. Proceedings and structures of the team-work are managed specifically and conceptually so that the long-termed economic purposes will be reached.
  • Objects of organisation development are accordingly structures, proceedings, the culture of the organisation or the attitudes and the relations of the members of the organisation.
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